Job Description for Mobile Home Care Workers

In choosing a career as a Mobile Home Care Worker you are obviously a caring person that wants to help others live where they want to live and how they want to live.  CEL Homecare are committed to providing high -quality person-centred care and support.  Below is summary of the duties that would be expected of you

In General,

  • We will need you to travel to the residences of the service users in your care round and then at each visit support them with the tasks as agreed with the service user in their Care and Support Plan;
  • Your role with mean helping maintain, and wherever possible improve, the health, well-being and life quality our service users supporting their physical, emotional, cultural and social needs in a person-centred way;
  • We need you to support our service users to exercise choice in their daily lives, encourage them to remain as independent and socially active as possible, and work with, rather for service users to provide dignified, respectful support;
  • We need you to build positive professional relationships with our service users, their friends, family, main carers, advocates and other stakeholders, and also work as part of a multi-agency team that will include other health professions;
  • We need you to adhere to all the regulatory and statutory obligations on CEL Homecare as detailed in our policies, procedures and working practices;
  • We need you to work with, and actively support, other Mobile Home Care Workers in your local team; and,
  • We need you to help maintain the good name and professional reputation of CEL Homecare;

In Detail,

  • We need you to provide personal care and domestic support to a range of services user with different needs, illnesses and disabilities, but all strength, goals and personalities
  • We need you to understand each service users’ needs and hoped for outcomes and to provide help using a person-centred approach and in the least intrusive manner;
  • Support tasks could include helping service users:
  • To get up in the morning and going to bed at night;
  • To wash, bath, shower, dress and undress;
  • To maintain their skin, teeth, hair and nail health;
  • With their toileting and continence management, including catheter care;
  • With their medication needs at a level agreed in the Care and Support Plan;
  • By preparing food and drink based on personal choice whilst aware of any nutritional needs and cultural requirements;
  • By undertaking light household domestic duties, including cleaning and laundry, as detailed in the Care and Support Plan;
  • By using manual handling equipment safely and correctly to transfer services users and support their mobility;
  • By taking responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment belonging to your services users;
  • By providing companionship, for example, talking and listening to your service users and doing tasks they enjoy;
  • To maintain contact with their family and friends;
  • By accompanying them to access community;
  • By assisting them with their personal affairs, e.g., reading and writing letters for them; assisting with the management of money, collecting pensions, or supporting with shopping;
  • To maintain, a clean safe living space whilst respecting each individual’s choices and rights; and,
  • By immediately contacting the appropriate emergency services (or other health professionals) when the need arises.;
  • As a representative of CEL Homecare, and to protect your service users, we expect you to always dress appropriately, wear the correct uniform and use the personal protective equipment provided by CEL Homecare;
  • We want you to be committed to life-long learning and to help us identify best practice and innovative ways to improve the quality of care we deliver;
  • We will need you attend and participate in regular staff group meetings, one-to-one staff supervision and appraisal sessions, and any residence-based monitoring or inspection by ourselves or outside commissioners and regulators;
  • To will need you attend in-house and external training which is either mandatory or deemed beneficial by your Registered Manager to our role as a Mobile Home Care Worker;
  • To require you to use our Care Management APP to electronically log in and then out of each care calls to ensure missed calls to do not occur;
  • You must observe all health & safety laws and company rules (including reading risk assessments and associated guidance) and to take reasonable care to promote the health and safety of both yourself and others;
  • We need you to ensure all service users receive equal treatment and equal access to the services provided by ourselves and others; and,
  • You must also be accountable to the Registered Manager or their delegated deputies and undertake any other duties requested by them, which are within the scope of the post.

What we expect you to record and report

  • We need you to maintain a detailed log (every visit) of the care and support provided, this will include completing the daily intervention sheets, medication records (paper or digital) or any charts as required by the Care and Support Plan;
  • We need you to always carefully read the Care and Support Plan, including any attached risk assessments and guidance, to understand the support tasks required at every visit, to acknowledge the service user’s personal needs and choices, and to recognise any changes to the support or proposed outcomes;
  • We need you to report to your care managers (either the Registered Manager or the out-of-hours Duty Manager) any concerns with the health and well-being of your service users, any issues with the support they receive, pass on any concerns stakeholders may have raised regarding the service, and ensure that our care managers are dealing with these issues;
  • We need you to report all complaints to the Registered Manager or out-of-hours Duty Manager at the earliest opportunity;
  • We need you help ensure that our risk assessments remain relevant and that Health and Safety concerns (including new hazards) are promptly reported to the Registered Manager;
  • We need you to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our service users and not divulge information to any persons that are not authorised to receive such information;
  • We need you to be vigilant to the signs of potential abuse and to report your concerns to the Registered Manager or out-our-hours Duty Manager immediately; and,
  • We need you contact the office or out-of-hours Duty Manager if you are going to be late for call.


  • CEL Homecare require a DBS prior to commencement of work which is appropriate to your role and the service user groups you will support; the company will apply for this;
  • Offers of employment are subject to CEL Homecare receiving two written and verified references, one of which being from your last employer;
  • All candidates must complete an Application Form and will be subject to a formal interview by management of CEL Homecare; and,
  • All posts are subject to a three-month probationary period.

Person specification

The following personal attributes are considered essential to the post of Mobile Home Care Worker.  The post holder needs to be:


  • Self-motivated;
  • Organised;
  • Flexible;
  • Caring;
  • Sensitive to the needs of others and to the needs of vulnerable people;
  • An active team player but also able to work on own initiative;
  • A good communicator; and,
  • Able to follow care planning requirements and instructions.

Ideally the post holder would also be:

  • Be flexible in terms of availability, working hours, adaptability;
  • Have previous experience of care work;
  • Have their own transport; and,
  • Have knowledge of local neighbourhoods.

All staff are required to respect the confidentiality of all matters that they might learn in the course of their employment. All staff are expected to respect the requirements under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation.

All staff must ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974.

Prepared by Elaine Armstrong

Registered Manager for CEL Homecare Limited

Amended 14th November 2019

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