Our Mission

At CEL Homecare we are committed to promoting our service users’ wellbeing, enhancing their quality of life, helping reduce and hopefully delay the need for any further care and support;

We seek to ensure that all our service users receive appropriate person-centred outcome-focussed care and support, based on their needs and preferences;

We promote choice and strive to always provide a positive experience for those seeking our assistance;

We will ensure that we fully meet the nutrition and hydration needs of our service users;

We hope to empower people so they can confidently make their own decisions and give informed consent regarding their care and support, ensuring those giving their consent have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the support being consented to;

We are flexible and adaptive to the changing wants and wishes of individuals, families, carers and communities;

We believe in equality and provide support that is inherently respectful courteous, protecting the privacy and dignity of all, and helping our service users maintain their independence and social inclusion;

We are inclusive, and sensitive to the needs and aspirations to those that use our services, their families, main carers and significant others, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability, age, culture, religion, nationality, language and means of communication;

We provide our support with qualified, competent, skilled, vetted and experienced staff that match the personalities and support requirements or our service users;

We work in partnership with our services users; their relatives and representatives; our commissioners; and other health professionals and stakeholders, including third sector organisations, whilst helping our customers access advocacy services to speak for them, wherever needed;

We have a zero-tolerance of abuse, neglect and discrimination in all its forms, seeking to effectively safeguarding our service users from any potential harm;

We will maintain suitable office premises for the successful management of our care and support;

We are a transparent candid open organisation with all stakeholders, including services users, commissioners and regulators;

We have an effective and accessible system for identifying, receiving, handling and responding (and learning from and adapting) to all concerns and complaints, no matter how minor;

¯   We are commitment to running a continually improving service so implement the quality assurance, auditing and effective governance procedures necessary to comprehensively monitor the service we provide; and,

¯   We understand our responsibility to make necessary notification to the CQC in accordance with Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009 and prominently display our inspection ratings.

If you would like to enquire about the range of care services we can offer you or your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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